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Today I went to an secondhand bookstore my Japanese teacher had told me about. Took a little effort to find but at last I found it. The place was not so bad, the price is a little bit high and the employees are very noisy, which kills the mood. There are not many mangas but quite a lot of books. Anyway, I got myself a copy of Shissou Holiday illustrated by Kiyohara Hiro and Youkoso Chikyuu-san by Hoshi Shin’ichi. I’d have bought more of Hoshi Shin’ichi had the price been cheaper. Anyway, I still have a long way ahead before I can read his stuff.


Katsushika Hokusai (some flowers)

1760 - 1849

Japanese painter 

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From Red Dragonfly 赤とんぼ, Seiichi HAYASHI

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Ningyo no nageki 人魚の嘆き (Lament mermaid) - 1917

Mizushima Niou 水島 爾保布 (1884-1988) - Painter, novelist, cartoonist, essayist - 

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HAYASHI Seiichi (林静一 ), Hakana yume /儚夢

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神経旋律 illustration:ますむらひろし SKETCH_of_ATAGOULより

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Apple Town, MASUMURA Hiroshi (ますむらひろし), collected from bakeneko & inu1941-1966

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