zera x jaibo kiss scene


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Read sample of Suehiro Maruo’s new manga Tomino no Jigoku.

The title is a direct reference to Yaso Saijo’s popular poem Tomino’s Hell.

Usamaru Furuya is back with his obsession of school girls. His new story I Want to be Killed by High School Girls is about 34-year-old Higashiyama Haruto, who is excited at the thought of being killed by someone, and that someone, he decided, is a school girl. That’s why he became a high school teacher to approach his target although he can always get a better job. And the target he has in mind right now is 16-year-old Sasaki Maho.

You can read it in Japanese at Pixiv: http://comic.pixiv.net/works/979 

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mononoke opening act doors

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Maki Sasaki

Pinball 1973!!!

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Maki Sasaki [佐々木 まき絵]; ‘Desert Eyeball’ (1970).

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Illustrations from Yoh’s Monochrome World's new oneshot Tsuki no Bannin.