Natsume Soseki 夏目漱石

"Wagahai ha neko de aru" 吾輩ハ猫デアル (I am a cat) book cover - first editions - 1906-07

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Nakamura Asumiko’s illustration of Sherlock Holmes.

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im still reading but this series is slowly fuckin me up

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punpun in space

(holy shit my other punpun post is at 7k thanks all so much;;;;)

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punpun feels

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Lại xoắn não :))

Dịch bởi BooN

Bộ sưu tập Haruki MURAKAMI của mền ~ ♫


Satoshi Kon had amazing attention to detail, which becomes all the more apparent when his illustrations are isolated to just black and white. I selected these line arts from Kon’s Works 1982-2010 because of the different kinds of clutter in each work, and the way it makes your eyes ‘search’ the illustration, not looking for anything in particular yet marveling at what you do find.

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