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"Up until now I have not once left my hometown. Even after becoming a grade schooler, a junior student, a high school student or a member of society, I’ve never felt any dissatisfaction to that extent towards my family or my hometown. I did not harbor any doubt about it, probably. Maybe that’s the reason why my father usually calls me stupid. I also think that’s true, and still carries that thought living ‘til now."

- From Inio ASANO’s new story Light Trap 誘蛾灯 in USCA vol 3 (


im still reading but this series is slowly fuckin me up

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punpun in space

(holy shit my other punpun post is at 7k thanks all so much;;;;)

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punpun feels

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Aiko bookcover free with Vol.11

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You there, I love you more than I can bear.
Toshiki, Oyasumi Punpun
My father, Hoshikawa Piroshiki, once said that God exists not as a single entity but in many forms in the hearts of humans. But today, I would like to challenge that notion! Though embarrassing, I must admit that I am God. HELLO EVERYONE!
Toshiki, Oyasumi Punpun